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Coworking Inspired by You

The future of work is fast upon us. There is nothing that excites us more than supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. We are keenly aware of the challenges you face as business leaders and they inspire us to create world class work spaces that make your life better. Our goal was to create the most inspiring environments available today. We’ve coupled these spaces with stellar support from our inspired team members. Coming to work should be fun and enjoyable, not just once, but every day as you work to reach your goals. Welcome to the future of work!

“Coming to work should be fun and enjoyable, not just once, but every day as you work to reach your goals.”

CTRL Collective

Lasting Experiences

We understand that what makes us all stronger is our relationships. By focusing on this foundation, we work to build long lasting experiences with our members. These flexible and move-in ready offices will inspire you and your teams to greater accomplishments. Please consider us when choosing your next office space. You will be met with a warm welcome.

– The CTRL Collective Team

Coworking & Private Offices

Your Work Environment Matters

With spacious hallways, serene conference rooms and space to break out or focus intensely, your new work space will continue to impress. We don’t refer to our spaces as “performance work spaces” for fun. They truly are geared for high production teams. Are you scaling up? The future of work is here and we’re driving it. It’s not enough to create and offer stunning office space and amenities. We’ve taken it a step further by creating an immersive and positive experience across the board so you and your staff will always love coming to work. If we’re not hosting some of the top minds in business for a speaking panel, we’re impressing you with kindness and thoughtfulness as you go about your work day. Our staff are highly trained at providing unmatched experiences. Best of all, they love their work!

Denver LoDo

High performance work spaces in the heart of downtown Denver.


Luxury and collaborative office space in Pasadena.

Playa Vista

Private office space centrally located in Playa Vista.

“You will be met with a warm welcome…”

CTRL Collective

Come Around for a Visit

Our thoughtful staff gives tours daily around our communities. If you’re in the market for a new office space, give us a call or book a tour today. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your goals.

Are you a commercial real estate broker?

Be sure to ask our helpful staff about our broker referral program. You won’t be disappointed!

You’re Special – Your New Office is Too

The Future of Work

Bring your people together instead of having them work in silos to solve problems. Our open collaborative space does just that, by encouraging open minds to explore and solve the biggest of challenges you face in business.

Choice of Workspace

Giving your employees choices for where they work is a leading driver of job satisfaction and retention. Our spaces offer a variety of productivity options, from comfy couches and nooks, to private office spaces and dedicated desks.

Talks and Panels

We host business panels and events to nurture the professional growth of your team. Experience the dual effect of placing top talent in high performance environments. Our speakers cover world changing ideas.

Effective Workforce

It has been proven that an optimal physical environment can serve as a foundation for an effective workforce. We invite you to experience the difference in our spaces. Please allow us to show you by scheduling a tour.

“Welcome to the future of work!”

CTRL Collective

Would you like a tour?

Same day tours available most days and no unnecessary delays on our end. Our flexible terms allow you to move right in – zero hassles. Our exemplary staff will provide you with a professional, thorough and detailed tour.

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