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6 Habits I’m Adopting for Success

I have been listening to a lot of successful people lately, trying to figure out which of their habits I can adopt in my own life. I believe success is built step-by-step, not overnight (usually), so I want to be more intentional about taking those steps every. single. day. So here are some habits I am adding into my daily routine to become the most productive, healthy, efficient person possible.

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How to Eliminate the Guilt of Success

Not every business is failing today, in fact, some are booming. When I talk to executives at companies who are experiencing Black-Friday-like sales every day of the week or having unprecedented sales growth I tell each of them the same: Don’t feel or act guilty for your success.

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How to Make the Most of Your Time and Energy When You are in Lockdown

I am a terrible substitute teacher. With three girls aged 10,10, and 12 on three different school schedules they have had the joy of experiencing my not so great teaching skills. Of course, there are upsides, the family lunches, the extra time at home together, the endless baking, jigsaws, and building our island on Animal Crossing, but that doesn’t stop it taking a toll on your time and energy.

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Inbound Lead Generation Guide

It’s time to jump start your inbound marketing and lead generation. Organizations used to look for what we call a “Sales Unicorn” that manually builds their prospect lead lists, manually finds contact information, manually enters it into the CRM, creates email communication and sends emails without automation, runs their sales meetings, creates the proposals, and closes the sale. Sadly, these sales unicorns just don’t exist, and relying on this method is expensive. If a salesperson spends up to 70% of their time manually doing work that could be automated, your losses mount quickly. Stop throwing money away and start building a revenue machine that generates consistent, qualified leads.

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How to Swiftly Adjust to the Unexpected

20,000 riders around the world were relying on him for 30 continuous minutes. Alex Toussaint has fast become one of the most popular Peloton instructors, with a meteoric rise from mopping the floors of a spin studio to becoming a brilliant fitness inspiration with his direct instruction and endless energy.

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How to Rapidly Improve How You Lead and Communicate Right Now

My eleven-year-old daughter spontaneously bought my husband a mug for Christmas with the message “I survived another meeting that should have been an email.” She is more observant than either of us realized! One of my nine-year-old daughters said to me this week, “all I have done for school today is go on video calls asking how I am doing with my work, so when exactly am I meant to actually have time to do my work?!”

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Should You be Silent Right in a Crisis?

Are all reasons I have heard why you might want to be silent right now when in fact, the complete opposite is true. In the last few weeks, I have been talking to leaders all around the world: executives, conference organizers, executive community owners, local school principals, CEOs, and small business owners. There has been a common theme I have been sharing:

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How to Successfully Lead During Times of Crisis

Booming, cautiously preparing, or temporarily obliterated? Depending on how your company, employees, and community are impacted by the coronavirus must determine how you lead right now. Last week I featured how to take care of your employees, customers, and community, and hundreds of you told me you loved the advice and features of other companies and executives, I will discuss more brilliant examples in my virtual meeting on Friday and include a few highlights here, but first, take some time to reflect:

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Top Networking Hacks

You’re at a networking event and someone asks “What do you do?” and you quickly answer with your title and the name of the company you work for… and the products… and the services you have. The other person starts nodding their head and looking around the room at who else they could possibly start talking to. It’s not long before they walk away and the conversation is cut short.

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Crush Your Quotas: The 2020 Guide to Becoming a Sales Rockstar

If you’re taking the time to read this guide, then I know you are ready to crush quotas. I’m Mary Grothe, CEO of Sales BQ®. I’m a former number one B2B / SaaS sales rep for a Fortune 1000 company. I worked on the number one sales team in the country. In my first year as a rep, my quota was $150,000 and I sold over $750,000 in revenue, which was more than the number two and three sales reps combined. Now, as CEO of Sales BQ®, I’m providing fresh content every week for sales reps, like you, who are ready to be quota crushers.

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