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Top 3 Skills Managers Must Have

We’re all human… which means we’re all uniquely different! So why manage your sales team members the same way? Some are naturals in some areas of the job and some not. They aren’t motivated by the same things – motivate them in ways specific to them! Manage them uniquely to the same outcomes.

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How to Take Care of Employees, Customers, and Community During the Coronavirus Crisis

What should I believe? How do I protect my employees? Can I even make payroll this month? How can I use this crisis to better serve my customers and communities while taking care of my employees? How do I keep apprised of all the new information? These are many questions that are top of mind for business leaders in Los Angeles and around the world right now. I have updated this article multiple times, including late Sunday night as LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the closure of bars, clubs, movie theaters, gyms, and dine in restaurants.

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How to Have a Video Call that is Actually Productive

This past week Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon all advised corporate employees to temporarily work from home resulting in a flurry of meetings switching to the dreaded Zoom/Teams/BlueJeans/webEx video alternatives. Most problems with video calls are solvable, but you have to prepare before, during, and after the call. Here are some fast tips for making your video calls far less painful:

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Manhattan Beach Open House

Open House with complimentary coworking passes from October 23rd to October 25th exclusively at Manhattan Beach location of CTRL Collective.

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