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How to Rapidly Improve How You Lead and Communicate Right Now

How to Rapidly Improve How You Lead and Communicate Right Now

This is a guest post from one of our current members Val Wright.

Consultant / Speaker / Author 

Val is a recognized global leadership and innovation expert who is known as a growth accelerator by top executives at Fortune 1000 companies including Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, The Financial Times and PopCap Games.

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My eleven-year-old daughter spontaneously bought my husband a mug for Christmas with the message “I survived another meeting that should have been an email.” She is more observant than either of us realized!

One of my nine-year-old daughters said to me this week, “all I have done for school today is go on video calls asking how I am doing with my work, so when exactly am I meant to actually have time to do my work?!”

Can you relate? Might you be guilty of creating too many meetings yourself right now?

Leading through a crisis requires you to make some of the toughest decisions of your career from behind a screen. When you would previously gather a group of your closest advisers around a whiteboard or table, now you are doing it via video with spotty connections and delays. When you would previously be able to walk around your offices, stores, or events to feel the mood of your team and customers, now you have to connect over technology. When discussing your boldest strategic choices you would leisurely consider during a retreat at a beautiful location over a couple of days with downtime and social time included. Now you have a board meeting in three days and you have to rapidly explore innovative options with your team.

Meetings, corporate retreats, conferences, customer events, and working life will emerge reinvented when we return to life after this global pandemic.

If all you have done is switched the location of your meetings from Building One Conference Room 245 to Zoom meeting ID: 23456789 chances are you are driving your team crazy and not achieving what you need to right now.

Three Actions to Consider:

  • What phase of Review, Reset, and Relaunch are you in with your business right now?
  • Have you set and is everyone clear on the goals you are trying to achieve for each phase?
  • Who do you need to influence and how do you need to communicate best to achieve those goals?

Chances are it is not another zoom call.

Dedicated to growing your business,


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