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We are hiring

A dynamic and friendly team is awaiting your arrival. You’ll be supported and trained by a team of thoughtful people with big goals.

Our Requirements

Our Philosophy

People are the backbone of growing companies. CTRL Collective’s members and our staff are the drivers of our success. As a company, we focus energy and resources to acknowledge both members and staff in our world-class environments and workplaces. Your success is our success and we’re in this together. Welcome to coworking and welcome to our community!

  • Competitive Compensation

  • Health Benefits

  • Ongoing Job Training

  • A Supportive Culture

  • Dynamic Work Environments

  • And More…

Meet The Team

What We Are Looking For…

We are searching for individuals that have experience in the coworking, tech and hospitality industries. From sales to customer support and everything in between. Do you have what it takes? We’d like to hear from you.

  • Self motivated and goal driven

  • Friendly, thoughtful and kind

  • 2-3 years experience in the business

  • Open to further education & training

  • Team player

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Cities We Serve

  • Pasadena California

    Private Office & Coworking Space

    Luxury and collaborative office space in Pasadena. This easy and clear space is perfect for disruptive innovators and established companies to run their businesses.

  • High performance work spaces in the heart of downtown Denver. A creative hot spot. Luxurious yet down to earth. Home to accomplished and supportive leaders.

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