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Leading Sales Teams Through a Crisis

This is a guest post from Greg Queen at Sales BQ®. These days, it can feel like all we talk about and all we hear about is COVID-19, the “new normal,”…

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Don’t Stop Generating Revenue During a Crisis

COVID-19 created a world-wide crisis and is negatively impacting many businesses. It’s important we don’t stop working during this time, but rather, keep our revenue engines running. When the crisis slows or ends, you don’t want to have an empty pipeline. It will take time to rebuild the revenue flow and it will create a larger revenue gap for the companies who stop investing in pipeline building activities. The companies that continue to sell and market during this crisis will likely avoid potential fatal gaps in cash flow throughout the end of the year.

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How to Plan a Long Term Content Strategy

What is Content Marketing? First, let’s start with the basics: What is content? Content is the information you’re trying to deliver to your visitors, leads, customers, and promoters. There are many different ways you can deliver content…

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How to Increase Your Performance, Pace, and Progress

At Xbox, my boss Don Mattrick used to ask this question every time we met: “Val, did you make more than a week’s progress last week?” He would want to know what he could do to speed up how I delivered my goals, what was in the way that he could help move, whether there was anything at risk of not being completed on time, and what else I needed to do to improve the probability of success.

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Advanced Questioning Skills: Mastering the 11 Types of Discovery Questions

In order to be a quota crusher, you have to know how to ask the right questions. Understanding your prospect’s problem better than the next salesperson (and making sure your prospect sees that you understand) will set you apart from the competition. To get there, you need to create an advanced, structured approach to questioning. I won’t sugarcoat it: This is extra work! When you become an advanced questioner, you’re going above and beyond what most salespeople are doing—but that’s exactly why you should be doing it.

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How to Find Your Perfect Executive Job in Unusual Times

Last week I joined a private executive group to share the myths and realities of what I am seeing in executive teams around the world. Here are three I shared: MYTH 1: – No-one is hiring CEOs or Executive team members right now. MYTH 2: – It is impossible to be interviewed without meeting in person. MYTH 3: – It is the wrong time to reconnect with your network because of life/the world/the pandemic / economic challenges

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How to Eliminate the Guilt of Success

Not every business is failing today, in fact, some are booming. When I talk to executives at companies who are experiencing Black-Friday-like sales every day of the week or having unprecedented sales growth I tell each of them the same: Don’t feel or act guilty for your success.

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Inbound Lead Generation Guide

It’s time to jump start your inbound marketing and lead generation. Organizations used to look for what we call a “Sales Unicorn” that manually builds their prospect lead lists, manually finds contact information, manually enters it into the CRM, creates email communication and sends emails without automation, runs their sales meetings, creates the proposals, and closes the sale. Sadly, these sales unicorns just don’t exist, and relying on this method is expensive. If a salesperson spends up to 70% of their time manually doing work that could be automated, your losses mount quickly. Stop throwing money away and start building a revenue machine that generates consistent, qualified leads.

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How to Rapidly Improve How You Lead and Communicate Right Now

My eleven-year-old daughter spontaneously bought my husband a mug for Christmas with the message “I survived another meeting that should have been an email.” She is more observant than either of us realized! One of my nine-year-old daughters said to me this week, “all I have done for school today is go on video calls asking how I am doing with my work, so when exactly am I meant to actually have time to do my work?!”

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Should You be Silent Right in a Crisis?

Are all reasons I have heard why you might want to be silent right now when in fact, the complete opposite is true. In the last few weeks, I have been talking to leaders all around the world: executives, conference organizers, executive community owners, local school principals, CEOs, and small business owners. There has been a common theme I have been sharing:

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