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How to Find Your Perfect Executive Job in Unusual Times

Last week I joined a private executive group to share the myths and realities of what I am seeing in executive teams around the world. Here are three I shared: MYTH 1: – No-one is hiring CEOs or Executive team members right now. MYTH 2: – It is impossible to be interviewed without meeting in person. MYTH 3: – It is the wrong time to reconnect with your network because of life/the world/the pandemic / economic challenges

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5 Ways to Become a Motivated Person

Personally, I have a lot of areas for improvement in many things I do. One thing I find I do well, however, is maintain my daily motivation. From being intentional about avoiding burnout to finding new sources of inspiration, today we will dive into 5 tips that help me maintain my motivation so that you too can wake up every day excited for the tasks ahead!

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