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COVID Policies and Procedures

We are renewing mask mandates, enhanced cleaning, and several social-distancing measures during this continued pandemic and delta variant of the Coronavirus and are committed to keeping you up to date on any potential health risks.

To ensure the safety of our employees and members, we are also updating existing policies and implementing new policies, as follows:

Escalation Policy:


  • When we are notified of a confirmed case in our location we will shut down for disinfection
  • During this time there will be Restricted Access until the disinfections have been completed


  • Once the space has been disinfected we will remain open with Limited Access
  • Limited Access – Key Card Restricted (members only)
  • No guests are allowed in the space during this phase
  • Masks are required at all times until you reach your workspace


  • Access to the space will be open for members and guests
  • Guests are required to check-in – No Exceptions
  • Masks are required until you reach your workspace

We will keep all members updated on which phase we are in, shall we receive notice of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the future.

Guest Policy:

  • The Guest Policy will be restricted based on The Escalation Policy above.
  • Abuse of the Guest Policy will result in the termination of your membership

Enter and Exit Policy:

  • Entrance to all locations will be restricted to the Front Door Only
  • The doors will remain locked at all times (Access will be restricted to key card holders only)
  • Pasadena – Members are should exit through the Back Door

As a reminder, to ensure the safety and health of the community, if you are not feeling well, stay home. If you have been exposed, please notify us directly via

There is additional information about COVID-19 at the CDC website here

If you should have symptoms, please seek medical advice regarding whether or not you need to be tested. Please see below for nearby testing centers.

We care about your health and will continue to stay open to support the community. If you haven’t already, we encourage our members to be vaccinated. We look forward to answering any questions or concerns that you may have. Please continue the health and safety practices that we have formerly discussed.