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Meeting Spaces

Meeting Pods

We want to accommodate the needs of our members, so we have outfitted our spaces with meeting pods to provide : better privacy, boost in concentration, support confidentiality of conversations, and combat noise that may come from the space.

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How Meeting Pods Make You More Productive

Single Booth Pods
Maybe you are doing one-on-one calls with a team member or client.  We want you to be able to take those important conversations.  And we have found that our conference rooms are too large for a singular conversation.  We provide the single booth pods complimentary with your membership.  So grab your phone or laptop and let’s get to it.

4 Person Meeting Pods
If you need to have a private conversation in person, our 4 person pods make this quick and easy.  We have seen small teams enter to discuss a decision and come out with a solution.  The usefulness of the soundproof spaces are truly underrated.

Community Guidelines
Our community guidelines are aimed to prevent phone conversations on speaker phone.  While we want everyone to be productive, we understand that sometimes you need to take a quick call.  Providing these sound proof pods prevents disturbing the community and also offer you some privacy for your conversation as well.

A Few Benefits

Need A Room Now?

You can check out our availability on the calendars linked and book directly to them.  We look forward to hosting you.

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