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5 Ways to Become a Motivated Person

5 Ways to Become a Motivated Person

This is a guest post from one of our current members Michel Janse Smith.

Michel is a content creator, YouTuber, small business owner, actress, and 20-something gal just trying to live a more intentional life with her online friend group.

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Personally, I have a lot of areas for improvement in many things I do. One thing I find I do well, however, is maintain my daily motivation. From being intentional about avoiding burnout to finding new sources of inspiration, today we will dive into 5 tips that help me maintain my motivation so that you too can wake up every day excited for the tasks ahead!

remember your “why”

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day “to-do’s”. Oftentimes, these can feel like busywork. Repetitive, meaningless, mundane. One thing that helps me, is to pull back the lens on my life a bit. Why am I making ANOTHER thumbnail today? If I pull back the frame, I will see that I have grown my channel to over 76,000 by working on details like my thumbnails. And once I realize that growth, and that one day I will reach 1,000,000 subscribers if I keep it up, it really puts things back into perspective for me.

What larger goal is this small task working towards for you? How will you feel once you achieve the larger picture? Small changes lead to large progress.

don’t get stuck — try new things

Back to those little tasks again. Why do you do them the *way* you do them? Is there a way to make them more efficient, more fun, or more meaningful? Maybe a mindless daily task like answering emails seems impossible to improve. But perhaps you could batch answer your emails for 45 minutes in the evening instead\ of refreshing your inbox throughout the day. Or if you are a creator like me, why do you edit your videos the way you do? Maybe try a new transition, a new song, a new graphic. Will it improve the quality of the video? Honestly, who knows. But I can assure you one thing: you will feel much more connected to your work since you gave yourself the freedom to try new things. Even switching up the details can re-ignite creativity, passion, or efficiency. Do you know what happens when those things improve? So does your motivation to continue.


find successful people who make content

And then watch their videos, read their books, listen to their podcasts. Consume all of the wisdom they so kindly put out to the World. I start my day every day watching either 30-ish minutes of motivational, productive YouTube videos, or Skillshare classes. Starting my day with the intentionality of learning from more successful and motivated people really kicks my butt into gear. It feels like caffeine for my soul, I am SO pumped up and ready to go for the day. I oftentimes get asked who I like to watch, so I will share some of my favorite YouTubers below! (Just… please still watch my channel too HAH OK THANKS).

  • MuchelleB – Creating an Intentional Life, Productivity & Self Discovery
  • Erin May Henry – “Girl Boss”, Entrepreneurship, Owning a Business, Making Money
  • Thomas Frank – Productivity, Learning
  • Matt D’Avella – Productivity, Simple Living, Minimalism, Habits
  • Ali Adbaal – Productivity, Tech, Productivity Book Reviews, Studying (Also, he’s a Doctor)
  • Skillshare – I highly recommend this platform for learning, motivation, and improving skills. (It is also how I find some of these YouTubers, like I watched Thomas Frank’s Skillshare class before finding his channel!) I always work with them in my videos (this is not sponsored, I just loooove them) and I recommend you use one of my video links to get 2 months of premium free. You can learn a lot in two months. Here is my most recent link:

the “reitoff” principle – manage your guilt

Speaking of the people above, I learned the “reitoff” principle from Ali Adbaal. If I am being transparent with you, the hardest part of this topic for me is managing my guilt to avoid burnout. Whenever I take time off, I REALLY feel guilty. I should be editing, I should write a post, I should email brands. I feel like resting is really just missing opportunities which is NOT a healthy approach. If we never rest, we WILL burn out. If we burn out, congrats, you are officially the LEAST motivated person in the room.

This is where the “reitoff” principle comes into play. I keep putting it into quotations because I assumed it would be spelled “writeoff”… like you write the day off. But nope, he spells it “reitoff”. ANYWAYS, it is a simple concept that I find super helpful. He tells himself occasionally (for me it is 1 day a week) “today is a reitoff day, completely”. Verbalizing that a specific day is INTENDED and PLANNED for nothing at all helps to manage the guilt of taking time off. Whenever you have grand intentions of spending the evening grinding away at work and instead you find yourself stuck to the couch, playing Animal Crossing, you will feel so incredibly guilty. Honestly, its un-motivating to feel that sense of self-disappointment. But if you plan to take the day off (or the evening off) from the start, you can rest fully. Recharge that battery. Wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to go.

switch up your vision board OFTEN

This is actually something on my to-do list for the day. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I recently decided to make a vision board my laptop wallpaper. It has done WONDERS for my motivation to open up my computer and visually see exactly what I am working towards.

However, I have a follow-up point. We get desensitized SO quickly to things we see often. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what my phone wallpaper is, even though I stare at it every day for months upon months. I found my vision board really worked well for the first 2-3 weeks, and then my brain got used to seeing it. I pledge to be intentional about adding, changing, and re-vamping my desktop wallpaper every ​2-3 weeks to keep it fresh.

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