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How to Find Your Perfect Executive Job in Unusual Times

How to Find Your Perfect Executive Job in Unusual Times

This is a guest post from one of our current members Val Wright.

Consultant / Speaker / Author 

Val is a recognized global leadership and innovation expert who is known as a growth accelerator by top executives at Fortune 1000 companies including Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, The Financial Times and PopCap Games.

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Last week I joined a private executive group to share the myths and realities of what I am seeing in executive teams around the world. Here are three I shared:

MYTH 1: – No-one is hiring CEOs or Executive team members right now

MYTH 2: – It is impossible to be interviewed without meeting in person

MYTH 3: – It is the wrong time to reconnect with your network because of life/the world/the pandemic / economic challenges

Of course, you know what comes next, I tell you why all of the above isn’t true, but it is important because executives are being hired, I have never seen the SPEED of introduction to job offer happen so fast with such senior appointments, and companies are getting very creative in HOW they are evaluating their future executives, and PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Follow these three crucial steps:

  • Determine what would be your perfect job
  • Wake back up your network. Who can hire you or introduce you to those who can hire you?
  • Find creative ways to catch attention, share your expertise, and shine a spotlight on your brilliance!

As I was completing my research for my new book, Rapid Growth, Done Right Lead, Influence, and Innovate for Success there was a common theme that emerged from my observations and informal conversations with executives around the world: companies that grow faster than their competition have the right leaders at the top and leading each functional area. Before considering whether your business is rapidly growing in the right way, you must first determine if you and the rest of your organization are in the right job. Rapid growth in companies happens when the right leader, leadership team, and creative, technical, and business minds are in their perfect jobs. If you are already thinking that you are in your dream job, that is brilliant;  consider whether your team members are in their perfect jobs or what changes you need to make.

Are you hiring or looking to move? – let me know I might have connections for you.

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