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6 Habits I’m Adopting for Success

6 Habits I’m Adopting for Success

This is a guest post from one of our current members Michel Janse Smith.

Michel is a content creator, YouTuber, small business owner, actress, and 20-something gal just trying to live a more intentional life with her online friend group.

Visit her website for more information!

I have been listening to a lot of successful people lately, trying to figure out which of their habits I can adopt in my own life. I believe success is built step-by-step, not overnight (usually), so I want to be more intentional about taking those steps every. single. day. So here are some habits I am adding into my daily routine to become the most productive, healthy, efficient person possible.

1. a not so cheesy vision board

I have never liked the sound of vision boards. They sound SO cheesy. But, I shifted my mindset and realized the benefit of clearly defining my goals (and a way to make one that doesn’t require cutting up old magazines). I realized that a mood board isn’t just wishful thinking without action. Rather, it is being intentional about how I want my life to look in the near future so that I know EXACTLY what to work towards.

Above is my real mood board (a bit vulnerable because it does contain the salary I want to make in 2021). I used Canva to compile pictures and exported them as a PNG to use as my desktop wallpaper for my laptop! Now, every time I open my computer to grind out some work, I am reminded of what I am working towards. My 100k subscriber plaque, a cute lil bungalow home, being able to afford cut-and-sew patterns for Janse the Label, a trip to Greece and Ireland, this blog becoming a constant project, and so much more. It has truly motivated me every day.

2. bye bye snooze button

I know, you’ve probably heard this a million times. BUT, I want to approach this from a different angle. I don’t want to wake up earlier because it’s what countless inspirational posts say to do, but because I know my brain. My brain works 10x quicker in the morning (I guess you could say I am a morning person… even if I don’t want to wake up?).

Maybe you’re a night owl. That’s OKAY! The important thing is you identify your patterns & when your brain is working at optimal speed. Then, be intentional about blocking off that time of day to work on what you want to accomplish. For me, it’s morning. So I have been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to make the most of those valuable hours.

3. keep learning (every day)

To be honest, I was so excited to graduate college because it meant I never had to learn something that wasn’t relevant EVER again. Which is true, but the key is relevancy. I have heard countless millionaire entrepreneurs say the most important piece of advice they’ve received is to never stop learning. Once you learn for the sake of improving your life and career instead of passing a test, it’s a whole different ballgame.

I have started every morning watching at least 20 minutes of educational videos as I drink my coffee, even before I respond to emails *gasp*. It has TOTALLY shifted my mindset before starting my work. One of my favorite ways to learn has been through Skillshare, which I have worked with them a bit on YouTube. They have a wealth of information which I have been able to use to grow my brand. (Also, if you want the free trial they gave to my subscribers, I will sneakily share it here for you! This link will let you use the premium version for 2 months free. You’re welcome.)

4. money pools

Successful people know where their money is going. I…. didn’t really ever know where mine was going (all I know is LA is way too expensive). Recently, I decided to get ORGANIZED with my bank accounts. My solution to that? More bank accounts.

Successful people know where their money is going.

Now I have checking accounts for Janse the Label, YouTube (both receiving money and business expenses), Retirement funds, & everyday checking. I also now have these savings accounts: emergency funds, charity, and taxes. Having these dedicated pools of money makes it so much easier to know “what’s for what”. And to take the stress away from a fluctuating income (hello, self-employed life), I now “pay myself” every month from my YouTube account to my everyday checking account the same amount, no matter what. I go MUCH more into depth about this in THIS video.

5. befriend those who are more successful than me

Let’s be really really honest for a second. Why is it so easy to look at girls more successful than us and feel… bad things? Envy, jealousy, sadness even? Not going to lie, I struggle with that all of the time. But I’ve adopted this new mentality, I want to be FRIENDS with those girls. Learn from them.

You know that quote, “always be the dumbest person in the room” or something along those lines? There is so much truth (and humbling required) in that statement. If you only surround yourself with people who do things BETTER than you (ouch, I know), you can only improve.

I have been DM’ing other creators with much larger followings than me, saying how much I admire their work ethic. Honestly, it’s led to some really cool friendships and insights. For a specific example in my niche, we can compare our rates for brands and make sure no brand is under-paying us.

6. taking leaps without thinking *too* hard

Planning too hard can result in a lack of action. So many successful people have said that the most important thing is to start, and then you’ll figure out the details along the way. I put that into practical action this week by making this blog. The idea popped in my head and within 10 minutes I had purchased a domain. I thought “Eh, I’ll figure out the rest, I just need to have a domain”. 30 minutes later I had my first post. Now I am learning how to actually use this software, but hey, I’ll figure it out.

I know the one thing you will NEVER get back is lost time. So why waste it just thinking about the things you *could* or *should* do? It’s way easier said than done but I am committed to making 2020 the year of just leaping off the cliff, saying yes, and not overthinking. I think some really cool opportunities will come from it.

Planning too hard can result in a lack of action.

What are habits you are implementing into your life? I’d love to hear!

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