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How to Immediately Increase Your Free Time and Energy

How to Immediately Increase Your Free Time and Energy

This is a guest post from one of our current members Val Wright.

Consultant / Speaker / Author 

Val is a recognized global leadership and innovation expert who is known as a growth accelerator by top executives at Fortune 1000 companies including Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, The Financial Times and PopCap Games.

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I’ve just finished a virtual session with 23 brilliant senior executives from around the world.

It was a delight to hear the impact they are having in their communities and with their customers.

As we were discussing what could further accelerate their business having even more impact, it occurred to me it is time for some recap Thoughtfully Ruthless advice as we approach back to school season…

You might have previously read my Thoughtfully Ruthless book.

You may have heard me speak about being Thoughtfully Ruthless at a conference or company strategy retreat.

Maybe you found me on TwitterLinkedinFacebook, or Instagram and followed my work.

However you came to read this, I encourage you all to follow these five steps for a time and energy boost:

  • Decide the specific outcomes you want to achieve in the next three months in your work life and whole life.
  • Reset your calendar and decline meetings and commitments that do not accelerate you to those goals.
  • Reorganize all your life inputs – email, Slack, Teams, DMs – be deliberate about what you consume, when you consume it, and how you take action.
  • Know your energy accelerators and decelerators and prioritize properly.
  • Complete this rapid Thoughtfully Ruthless® Executive Assessment for a deeper dive into how you are managing your time, energy, and resources. I will select ten executives who send me back the completed assessment for personalized feedback and specific advice.

Whether you are a parent or if you have parents on your team, back to school means new routines, heightened expectations, and practicing resilience – It is time to reprioritize, create open space on your calendar, be sensibly selfish, and keep your energy topped up for the new year ahead.

To your Thoughtfully Ruthless continued journey.

Dedicated to growing your business,


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